Rights Of Way

That our clients’ needs are paramount in every aspect of our business, from project initiation to post-project follow up, is demonstrated by the expedience, accuracy, and diligence with which each project task is undertaken.

Our comprehensive team of professionals in our regional and project field offices are driven to meet all your right-of-way needs efficiently, ensuring impeccable project completion in the shortest time possible – we have secured routes for clients within days – saving you costly delays and project dollars.

National Right of Way’s services provided range from pre-project consultations and cost estimates, initial project feasibility studies, and route selection to post-project mitigation concerns, including project commission, survey, and environmental studies; route planning and acquisition, construction design, database management; and landowner payment and agreement recording at courthouses. Below is a complete list of national right of way’s team members and services provided.


  • Construction Liaison
  • Rights of Entry


  • Project Managers
  • Rights of Way Land Agents
  • Oil & Gas Landmen
  • Title Abstractors
  • Database Designer/Programmer
  • Permit Specialist

Our Primary Rights of Way Services

(but not limited to)

Our Other Services